9 things to do in a mountain town

Kodaikkanal mountain

Hi guys! This commentary is going to tell about the interesting things that we think to do during our visit to a mountain town .But basically all our enjoyments rely on the place that we suppose to go. There are many beautiful mountain towns in the world. But as a Tamilan I wish you all to have a trip to kodaikanal. There are lots of things to see there. It is one of the highest mountain in the world. During my trip to kodaikanal at my 16th age, I had done many joyous things .But I am going to tell you about 9 of them that fascinated me very much.

• Walk the clouds
• Climb the hills
• A Guide trekking
• Camping for nature lovers
• Climb the perennial falls
• Smell the joy of flowers
• Astonishment at gardens
• Feel the breeze
• Holiness in holy bath

Walk the clouds:
Mountains are always located at high altitudes. some may range up to even 10,000 ft. high. when we go higher and higher we approach clouds near and near. At the peak of the mountain, everyone will feel the cool breeze and smell the moisturizing climate. As we reached the top, we will see clouds trespassing us. kodaikanal is one of the favourite weekend getaway destination especially for neighboring metros. the cool valleys of this tiny hill station adorned with beautiful shola forests and the flocks of cloud enveloping the entire valley by overnight is a beauty that needs to be visited in order to believe it.

Kodaikkanal trekking

Climb the hills:
Climbing the hills is an awesome thing to do in a mountain town. The hills and mountains play an important role in enhancing the beauty to a mountainous region. It gives us mind blogging experiences such as watching an animal gazing in land of green forests and it is a cool thing to do. But in kodaikanal only some people are allowed for trekking owing to the impending dangers that are hidden inside forests.

A guided trekking:
Kodaikanal , a land of herbal splendour and splendor never fails to this guided trek stretched over 4 hours you may follow a trail ending with a fantastic sight, placed inside the speckled woods of the valley.

Camping for nature lovers:
Kodaikanal boasts as one of the scenic hill city in Tamilnadu. Camping in this region is one of the most popular activities among the visitors. This 2 days camping in a camp which is located 30 minutes off the thandikadu/pannikadughat road.

Climb the perennial falls:
Kodaikanal is an idyllic hill station which is engulfed with natural rhapsodies with cascading waterfalls ,placid lakes and rolling valleys. This thriving place is the source to the incredible pambar falls also called the Nom de plume it seem to be too happy to spend around four hours to trek to the waterfalls.

Smell the joy of flowers:
there’s a very well-known flower park , in which people from all over the world gather to look the beauty of the blooming flowers. more than 100 kinds of plants are saved for show and they’re organized in a pattern that amazes all the travelers.

Astonishment at gardens:
There is also a botanical garden located which is filled with lots and lots of endangered species. “Nepenthes” a fly eating plant is maintained in a protective manner. It holds and looks after nearly 13% of the total endangered plant species in Tamilnadu.

Feel the breeze:
The cold breeze is also one of the gift given by god to mankind. The cool breeze during the early morning relaxes our heart, makes us free of tension that we face during our day to day life. This kind of climate makes us to ask the question “ Is this the house of god?”

Holiness in the holy bath:
The falls and water resources there are believed to be holiest as their way of flowing are filled with medicinal plants. so they are named “perennial falls”

Making trips to mountain towns are the most joyful and craziest things that are helpful in keeping one’s mind calm and the same time ,they serve as the signatures of a nation’s beauty and honour. So have a trip . enjoy every moments of life.