A quick info on image resolution

Image resolution refers to the size your image appears on a computer monitor rather than the physical dimensions an image will print.  The pixel dimensions of an image identify the resolution. Many digital cameras let us change image resolution.  So, before we take a picture, we must determine the quality of an image first by using the highest quality setting available on the camera.

Therefore, set your camera for the best image quality if you want to obtain high quality photos.  According to the article ?Image Quality , a truly high-resolution digital photo can be anywhere from 12MB (for a 4-by-5-inch image) to 70MB (for a two-page-spread photo).

The CD ROM photograph collections currently on the market have files ranging in size from 500K-22MB.  He added that image resolution, the quantity of statistics in a virtual document, is measured in dots consistent with inch.  display frequency, the density of the strains of dots used to print a continuous-tone picture, is measured in traces consistent with inch.
Newspapers normally use a rough line screen of eighty five lpi; in-house guides, 100 to a hundred and twenty lpi; and smooth magazines & correct great offset lithography, 133 to 155 lpi.right resolution is honestly important for desirable printing.  And to attain this, you need to always don’t forget a few policies that consist of the subsequent: the text must be 400dpi on the very last length within the format; the snap shots ought to be 300dpi at the very last size in the format; the dimensions of the resolution and length are inversely proportional to each other so, if you enlarge an picture, you lower its resolution.  certainly, when choosing the print length of your picture, you must select a size that is suitable to the resolution of the image you’re providing.  the scale to which your picture may be revealed without a loss in first-rate relies upon at the resolution of your image.

Most digital cameras allow you to select a combination of resolution and quality from the settings menu.  In order to obtain an optimal print out, you must set your digital camera at the highest possible resolution and quality. Always remember that the higher the quality, the larger the image file will become. So folks, make sure you have sufficient room on the memory card.