Harmful computer viruses that eat your files

virus affection

Computer viruses are software programs like other applications. however they get attached with the overall programs and use their setup or .exe report to get installed at the system.It enters a computer without the person’s permission or knowledge, with an ability to replicate itself, for this reason continuing to spread.

some viruses do little but mirror others can cause intense damage or adversely impact application and overall performance of the machine.

Different Types of Computer Viruses:

1.Resident Viruses
2.Direct Action Viruses
3.Overwrite Viruses
4.Boot Virus
5.Macro Virus
6.Directory Virus
7.Polymorphic Virus

With increasing computer security threats in cyber world, antivirus software serve as a savior for your PC against computer viruses. These viruses with strange names can prove to be extremely harmful and can lead to loss of critical data and even big expenditure. This makes the use of Antivirus and Antispyware programs necessary.
internet safety starts with installing anti-virus software to shield against those threats.
Anti-virus software is available in different forms, net protection suites and anti-virus software.
net safety software program is designed to offer the maximum internet safety.  The safety suites comes with a anti-virus, anti-spyware, and anti-malware software program.  It additionally comes with a firewall and spam protection.

Spam is the leading way in which viruses get installed on computes.  You get an email the contains an attachment that holds the virus.  Once the email has been clicked on the virus is launched and the computer is infected. Internet security suites also provide greater value for money.
So installing a good antivirus is a must even it costs you.
keep your computer data safe.