How water cut through steel in water saw

water jet cutting

Now you have a question in mind what is water saw?. It is none other than a water jet cutter.
We know that water is a colorless liquid substance used by everyone in the world and also abundant in the earth but do you know that in industries water is used in the water saw to cut steels, glass, and other materials. Water saw is used to cut materials using a very high-pressure flow of water. By striking water on the surface of the metals with this much pressure, it can actually cut through metals, ceramics, etc.
ok, Lets dive deeper into this topic.


First, you need to understand three basic questions to know more about Water saw


*What are pressure and velocity?
*How water gets this much pressure?
*How does convergent nozzle works?

water saw cutting glass

what are pressure and velocity?

We like to explain it in simple terms. A force that is applied to an area is called pressure.
For example ink piller, medical injection.
velocity is the distance we traveled for a given time.
For example Speedometer of a car which indicates how much kilometers we are going to reach per hour. pressure and velocity play a significant role in water saw.

How water gets this much pressure?

The pressure of the water can be manipulated using certain methods. one of them is using a nozzle. It is a device used to vary the flow of the liquid. It does not only change the flow rate but also used to concentrate the fluid.
It is just like a pipe with different diameters at both the ends. Big inlet diameter and small outlet diameter or vice versa. There are two types of nozzle convergent nozzle and divergent nozzle. In water saw, they use a different one.

How does convergent nozzle works?

Convergent nozzle looks like a funnel with large inlet diameter and small outlet diameter. The diameter of the convergent nozzle gradually decreases from one end to other. when we connect this to the pipe the water reaches at the one end with a big diameter because of the gradual decrease in the radius of the pipe pressure builds up, and when it reaches the other end with a small hole, this high force gets converted into velocity. This makes the water flow coherently. In water saw, we use a convergent type of nozzle with a jewel tip to increase the flow of water. The pressure used in water saw is many times powerful than our car washer.

The main important thing to cut steel or other materials along with water is actually to always keep the spray coherent as possible. Water saw has the ability to cut when the spray actually flows through a tiny jeweled hole at a quite higher pressure to keep the spray coherent. Unlike metal cutters, water saw can’t require replacing the nozzles like the blades at a certain amount of work time because there is no contact between the tool and the workpiece. So no possible tool failure occurs in the machine and also that It could not overheat like the ordinary cutting tools. Because of this, no deformation takes place on the metals due to overheating.
High precision rates can only be achieved by using the water saw.

History of water saw


There are two types of water saw


1. pure jet:
It uses only water to cut the objects.
2. Abrasive jet:
It uses a mixture of water, and abrasive particles such as crushed glass, garnet, silicon carbide are some of the abrasives used in water jet cutting.
Garnet is the best and standard abrasive material used in the industries for water jet cutting or water saw.

In previous years cutting a metal using metal cutting tool is very difficult, expensive and time-consuming and only one metal can be cut for a certain amount of time through a metal cutting saws and the precision level of the cutting is very poor due to manual operation and the enormous amount of heat produced by the friction between the tool and the workpiece. This heat makes the metal to deform in shapes. This was overcome by water jets and abrasive jets.

high precise cutting

The modern day water jets and abrasive jets can able to cut soft and hard materials with a very high level of precision and speed because of it’s automatic control using computers. The engineers only need to design the work, and the rest is handled by the computers. The modern water saw can cut rubber, foam, tile, textile materials, leather, paper, composites, plastics, stone, glass, metals, food, etc. The metal cutting technology is improving every year let’s see what will the technology offer us in future.

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